Carol A. Silvis, M.ED.
Available Workshops

Communication Skills

  • Learn Effective Writing Techniques
  • Use Nonverbal Language Effectively
  • Speak Clearly and Effectively
  • Develop Presentation Skills
  • Listen Actively
  • Focus on Reader/Audience


Teamwork/Human Relations

  • Build Customer/Coworker Rapport
  • Create Enthusiastic Work Teams
  • Deal with Difficult People
  • Communicate Clearly and Positively
  • Develop Good Judgment
  • Get Others to Cooperate


Stress Management

  • Look for Signs of Stress
  • Identify Sources of Stress
  • Take a Stress Test
  • Consider Life Stresses
  • Concentrate on a Positive Attitude
  • Learn to Deal with Others
  • Practice Time Management - Organization Techniques
  • Use Stress Busters



Telephone Techniques

  • Projecting a Professional Image and Making a Good Impression
  • Improving Telephone Contacts
  • Listening and Focusing for Meaning
  • Answering and Placing Calls
  • Handling Difficult Callers
  • Building Rapport
  • Screening Calls
  • Assessing Personal Telephone Skills
  • Cutting Telephone Costs and Time


Time Management/Organization

  • Analyze Time and Take Control
  • Use Time Saving Techniques
  • Set Priorities/Organize Tasks
  • Deal with Paperwork
  • Identify Time Wasters
  • Handle Interruptions
  • Make a To-Do List
  • Keep Life in Balance


Job Search Techniques

  • Develop Effective Resumes
  • Write Persuasive Employment Letters
  • Be Successful at Interviewing
  • Project a Professional Attitude
  • Develop Positive Characteristics for Success
  • Dress for Success
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