Carol A. Silvis, M.ED.


Carol Silvis is the author of Job Hunting After 50 (Cengage, 2011), 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work (Cengage, July 2009) and college textbooks 100% Externship Success (Cengage, 2009) and General Office Procedures (Cengage, 2001). Her article “Time Management and Organization for Writers” is in the 2012 Writers Market. She has had a dozen creative non-fiction stories and inspirational pieces published in national magazines and over 40 published in newsletters.

Ms. Silvis was interviewed for (July 2011), appeared on HMC-TV Channel 20 (June 2011) and WIUP-TV (January 2011), was video interviewed by Tory Johnson for (June 2009), appeared twice on a Cornerstone TV half-hour talk show, and Moon Twp. TV Community Spirit Week, as well as for radio and newspapers.

Carol has a Master's in Adult Education and is an associate director and department chair at Newport Business Institute. In addition, she gives workshops and seminars for schools, businesses, and professional organizations on a variety of topics, including: finding a job, resume preparation, interview skills, customer service, stress management, telephone techniques, human relations/teamwork, effective communication, business writing, office technology, and time management/organization.

Ms. Silvis is president of Pennwriters, Inc., a 400-member writing group, won the 2008 Meritorious Service Award, was past VP and Authors’ Advocate, and was the 2005 and 2007 Conference Coordinator.

Visit her website and blog Follow her on twitter @carolsilvis. She lives in Murrysville, PA

Reviews and Quotes

Review for Job Hunting After 50

5.0 out of 5 starsVery eye opening - Jam packed with information
If you are over 50 and looking for a job, this is definitely a must have book! It is very detailed and will prepare you to compete in today's job market. Every step is covered in understandable terms and specific "Take Charge" actions accompany each chapter. I found the chapter on resume preparation especially enlightening with a focus on accomplishments rather than duties and responsibilities. Using technology is essential in today's job hunting and "Job Hunting After 50" shows you how to utilize it to every advantage. The book also contains samples, examples and specific directions for developing your success plan. Well written, easy to follow, an essential tool for the mature worker. -------------------------Diane Brown,"The Reader's Cove"

Good Ideas for Senior Job Seekers
&hellithe author has respectable credentials in education and human resources, and she has produced here a comprehensive and well-organized book filled with ideas and resources for the forgotten workers in contemporary America. Chapters on modernizing one's resume and researching employment on the internet are especially valuable. I also appreciated the author's suggestions to help maintain -- or restore -- a positive attitude, not easy for those of us who are feeling tired and defeated after months, if not years, of underemployment. - Jerry P. Danzig, Amazon Reviewer

Take this author's advice
I am a veteran newspaper "careers" columnist, and also own a company that provides outplacement services to terminated employees (many of whom are over age 50). Sometimes my clients respond well to a book that is targeted to their unique needs, so I was thrilled to find "Job Hunting after 50" which gives comprehensive advice for this demographic. Job seekers sometimes think they understand the job search process, but without expert guidance, they make a lot of mistakes. This author gives sound advice, and if it is followed (that's a big "if"!) the reader will be successful in their quest for a new job. Her advice on attitude, attire, technology, resumes, etc. is spot on. There are no shortcuts in the job search process, but by following the steps and tactics outlined in this book, the road to a new job will not be so long or so rocky. - Christine Posti, Outplacement Specialist

Job Hunting After 50 has some great advice! And chances are if you are over 50, you have been in a previous job for a long time. And unfortunately with the job employment rate these days, sometimes even this book is not enough to "land" a job. But, what you can get out of this is plenty, from working on yourself to your resume, to networking. True, not everything will work for you in this book. It is not a cure-all, but certainly there is plenty to gain from reading this book. There are numerous views from the employers' side, but most of all, what is gainful is to take a look at yourself! Refresh yourself. As I said, many people who have been in the same job for years become stuck and unwilling to renew, refresh, or address a need for change! The paperback is well-written, with nice bold headlines, plenty of whitespace around text. Each section is easy to read, info is easy to locate. There are shaded areas with critical information, tips, guidelines, checksheets, questionaires, resources, websites. Plus, there are needed samples of resumes, reference pages, and cover letters. Helpful also is guidance on creating a portfolio.  -  Rizzo, Amazon Reviewer

Review for 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indistinguishable at Work

How do I get a promotion? How important is a positive attitude? What is work savvy? These are just some of the questions answered in the book 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work by Carol A. Silvis, M. ED. Silvis’ book provides the reader with 101 tips and techniques to not only to succeed, but to excel in the workplace.

101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work does not just lecture readers. The book also contains questions for the reader to reflect on concerning the technique under discussion. The book provides exercises for the reader to assess their skills and abilities as well. Chapter 6 covers people skills. Prior to offering tips on dealing with customers or co-workers, a brief assessment is provided to ascertain the reader’s strengths and weaknesses.

While no one in the workplace is every truly indispensable, I believe that 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work, will go a long way in helping employees to gain valuable skills to make them a successful and marketable employee. -------------------------- Dianne Walker, BellaOnline's Career Training Editor

Exercises and self-evaluation forms throughout the book promote critical thinking, stimulate creativity and identify areas where improvement will enhance your career success. With 101 tips, it's inevitable that you'll see your own work behaviors reflected, both good and bad. Read Silvis's book, and you'll finish with a renewed perspective on the workplace and your role in it."101 Ways To Make Yourself Indispensable at Work"" is an invaluable read for both novice and veteran workers. - Timothy Zaun, blogger, speaker/freelance writer


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